Parametric Seismic Analysis of Tall Buildings with Different Geometry and Constant Plan Area.

  • Ashish Mohan Shivhare Department of Civil engineering, MANIT, bhopal (MP) 462003, India
  • K.K. Pathak Department of Civil and environmental engineering, NITTTr, bhopal (MP) 462002, India
  • S.K. Dubey Department of Civil engineering, MANIT, bhopal (MP) 462003, India
Keywords: Seismic, Maximum moment, Base shear, Storey displacement, Peak storey displacement, Diaphragm


In this study, seismic analysis of high rise building frames have been carried out considering four buildings of different geometrical plan but same area , three diaphragms and four seismic zones. In this way total 48 frames were analysed for 27 load combinations. STADD-Pro software has been used for analysis purpose. Structural analyses results are collected in terms of maximum moments in columns and beams, storey displacement, peak storey displacement which are critically analysed to quantify the effects of various parameters.


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