J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.


Message from the Chancellor

We are very glad to launch our yet another journal, the Engineering Journal, 'Journal on Today's Ideas - Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.)'. It is a venture to promote research in the field of engineering and an exchange as well as an acceptance of intellectual ideas. The aim behind this initiative is that the Journal should go far beyond its regional and national boundaries and it must promote a culture of free exchange of research and ideas among the academicians. The Engineering journal will include an in-depth study of the various branches of Engineering. I am very confident of the fat that 'Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies' will serve as a platform to promote research in the vast and dynamic field of engineering between the academicians.
Dr. Ashok K Chitkara
Chitkara University, Punjab
Chitkara University,Himachal Pradesh

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

The launch of our Engineering Journal 'Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.)' aims at the development of knowledge in the fields of engineering, technology, and related sciences. Through this journal, we foster to exchange ideas and experiences among scholars and practitioners with shared interests all over the world. The Journal is devoted to the every direction of application of Engineering, both theoretical and experimental in nature. The purpose of this journal is to provide for the rapid publication of topical papers featuring the latest developments in the allied fields of engineering and will focus on publishing high quality research work. The Journal will accept original articles that summarize the state of the art technological advancements and also provides a perspective on the areas of current research interest. Our long-term vision is to bring the views and activities of entire communities to provide new, meaningful and efficient mechanisms for research assessment. And I am sure that 'Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies' will help us in achieving this vision.
Dr. Madhu Chitkara
Chitkara University, Punjab

Message from the Editor in Chief

Humanity has always sought to rise above barriers, overcome challenges, and create opportunities that improve life in our part of the universe. The role of engineering has always been in fulfilling demands at various scales, ranging from remote small communities to large urban areas, and that too, mostly in the developing world. If engineers are not ready to fulfill such demands, who will?? Considering the problems faced by our planet today and the problems expected to arise, the engineering profession must revisit its mindset and adopt a new mission statement-to contribute to the building of a more sustainable, stable, and equitable world. Keeping this mission in mind, even we aim to contribute our bit by introducing this very interesting piece of engineering work which has been named as 'Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.)'. Through this journal, we strive to embark on a worldwide transition to a more holistic approach to engineering. We will also take a closer look at how engineering students are being prepared to enter the 'real world'. This endeavour will revolve around in making it clear that the social, environmental, economic, cultural, and ethical aspects of a project are duly met along with the technical aspects. The future of the engineering world basically applies scientific analysis and holistic synthesis to develop sustainable solutions that integrate social, environmental, cultural, and economic systems. Creating a sustainable world that provides a safe, secure, healthy, productive, and sustainable life for all should be a priority for the engineering profession. And this is what we would focus on through our journal, Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.). It is clear today that engineers are called upon to make critical contributions to peace and security in our increasingly challenged world.
Prof. (Dr.) Bhanu Kapoor
Editor in Chief
Researcher and Industrialist
United States of America

Message from the Associate Chief Editor

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people ." From the historical perspective too, ideas are the driving force of technology and innovation. This stands true even the 21st Century. However, it takes a lot of ideas to get a few viable ones that lead to true innovations. Most products fail because the ideation process starts with too few ideas and selecting from an anemic pool of ideas invariably leads to bad ideas being selected for new products and product features. While the breeding ground of new ideas should be free from any technology or market biases, once sufficient germination has been done, the principles of science of idea management should be closely followed to turn them into usable technology. An idea is never a waste, once generated; it can become useless, if it is not turned into a useful innovation or technology. The whole process of generation of ideas, innovation, technology and finally turning them into products is a closed loop cycle. Each of the stages after generation of ideas, can itself generate many more new ideas which can be for improvement of the following stages. In "Journal on Today's Ideas, Tomorrow's Technologies" we welcome ideas - big or small, which can become the driving force of tomorrow's world. We intend to provide a leveled field for the authors to generate and share ideas in all walks of business, daily life, sports, media and entertainment, social life, environment, economics, health, engineering, technology, processes, management, mathematics, science; which can be turned into useful technologies, products, systems or process for a better humanity tomorrow.
Prof.(Dr.) Archana Mantri
Associate Chief Editor
Pro Vice Chancellor
Chitkara University
Punjab, India

Message from The Editor

Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.) is aimed at giving wings to those ideas which have potential to become Technologies for the future. Need for this journal has been felt for quite some time as most of the other journals in the field focus more on hard core and not on application oriented research. It is hoped that the journal will draw good attention from the brilliant minds from all fields of engineering, who really wish to make an impact in the field of technology with their innovative ideas. Editorial board is committed to provide timely intimation to the authors on the complete process right from the submission of the research paper to finally conveying the decision. A limited frequency of publication of the journal (only twice in a year) will further enhance the quality of the papers to be published in Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.). All students, Faculty members, Scientists, Industry professionals and other stakeholders to the Technology are requested to make their submissions to Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.), so as to spread the idea to masses and in a way help the human kind for better technologies of future.
Dr. Rajnish Sharma
Journal on Today's Ideas-Tomorrow's Technologies (J. Today’s Ideas - Tomorrow’s Technol.)