Semi-Automatic Sanitizer and Thermal Scanner

  • Jasmeet Singh Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab-140401, India
  • Gurmeet Singh Chitkara University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab-140401, India
  • Gurditt Singh Chitkara University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab-140401, India
Keywords: COVID-19, Semi-Automatic sanitizer, Pandemics, Thermal scanner


War of humanity against COVID-19 is stretching at this stage of time. In this paper, a solution has been proposed to sanitize the narrow roads and public areas with a robotic solution. Robot design proposed in this paper can be operated using a remote and that saves human beings from direct possible face off with COVID– 19 virus.. This Semi-Automatic machine proposed in the work has a built-in thermal scanner to scan the locals and also a walkie talkie to give further instructions to the person being scanned.Robot also has a carriage section that can transport medicine and food to the infected area. With this one robot, a large area such as slums, narrow roads, schools, and buildings etc. can be covered.


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