Plantation and Harvesting Autonomous Locomotive (PHAL)

  • Chaitanya Rao Chitkara University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab-140401, India
  • Aditya Garg Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology - (DCRUST)
Keywords: Agriculture, Autonomous, Green technology, Low cost


Agriculture has seen quite a good growth due to the latest machinery being used to maximize yield and minimize cost. People around the world are starting to understand the inherent potential and scope of automation and robotics in agriculture. However, there are many problems which continue to prevail like the non-availability of labour, poor and costly machinery, etc. So there is a need to address these existing problems. This project addresses the inherent difficulties in the agricultural field. It tries to provide a remarkable solution to many of the existing problems. This project, named PHAL is a rover type bot which can
perform all the basic activities included in farming. It is fully autonomous, ecofriendly machine which can perform many tasks like ploughing, sowing, irrigation, harvesting etc. Using this machine, farmers can get rid of majority of the problems, all this at a very low cost.


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