Effects of TNT Blast on Multistory Structure

  • Simranjeet Singh Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Chandigarh, India
  • Dushayant Singh Yadav Junior engineer, Border road organization, India.
Keywords: TNT, Multistory structure


For the last few years, rebel activities in addition to related intimidation have been a rising concern throughout the world which not only impacts the human life but also leads to loss of property, both structural impacts and its corporeal integrity. Special prominence has also been agreed to nuisance such as explosion and seismic activity. Different STAAD models generated were analyzed, the results of analysis have been discussed in this section. It contains different amount of TNT and varying standoff distance. Each case has its own maximum and minimum displacement which was found by using STAAD Pro V8i. Two different framed structures were used. In one of the cases, we used simple concrete bare frame having only beams and columns, whereas in the other case we used concrete framed structure with shear wall.


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