Enhancements In Sorting Algorithms: A Review


  • Shama Raheja Chitkara university, Punjab, India
  • Vinay kukreja Chitkara university, punjab, India




sorting techniques, enhanced sorting, bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, merge sort, complexities


One of the important issues in designing algorithms is to arrange a list of items in particular order. Aalthough there is a large number of sorting algorithms, sorting problem has concerned a great compact of research, because efficient sorting is important to optimize the use of other algorithms. In many applications, sorting plays an important role as to easily handling of the data by arranging it in ascending or descending order.[2] In this paper, we are presenting enhancements in various sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort, and merge sort. Aa sorting algorithm consists of comparison, swap, and the use of assignment operations. Bubble sort, selection sort and insertion sort are algorithms, which are easy to understand but have the worst time complexity of O (n2). The new algorithms are discussed, analyzed, tested, and executed for reference. Eenhanced selection sort is based on sorting the items by making it slightly faster and stable sorting algorithm. Mmodified bubble sort is an modification on both bubble sort and selection sort algorithms with O (n log n) complexity instead of O (n2) for bubble sort and selection sort algorithms. [3] [1].


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